André Kuipers returned to earth in this Soyuz capsule


Pam Melroy, one of NASA’s Space Shuttle commanders

Guided tours at ESA ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL
We offer specialised guided tours to explore the wonderful world of space, technology and innovation with topics such as human spaceflight, astronaut nutrition, satellite testing, mission design, 3D printing for space, robotics, space planes and spin-offs. This innovative and inspirational environment is a real eye-opener. Our programmes can add value to a wide variety of events. See below what can be of interest:

For company days, teambuilding, conferences and networking events
• Education: university students (STEM) from ESA member states.
To Education Tour
• Companies: company days, team building, conferences.
To Networking Tours
• Promotions: technology, robotics, health, applications.
To Custom Tour
• Architects, urban planners, real estate agents.
To Aldo van Eyck Architecture Tour
• Space Invaders: special tour to flash the mosaics at ESTEC.
To Space Invader Tour

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